The ETBS was testing by HIE as presented and installed on a factory test car.

  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control);
  • TSC (Traction Control System);
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System);
  • EBA (Electronic Brake Assist); and
  • EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)

Importantly, as the start speed was human controlled, the variation being as much as 4 km/h for one particular run, it was decided that the results be displayed as a function of Actual Speed Change, which would give a more accurate point to plot on a graph.

From the results presented below, comparing braking with ETBS activated and ETBS de-activated, it is apparent that the ETBS reduced the braking distance significantly. The Table shows the average reduction in braking distance at the different start speeds. The results indicate that the overall braking distance was consistently reduced when the system was activated. From a start speed of 80 km/h, the average reduction in braking distance was 5.1 m or 15%.