ET Braking System has successfully completed a full ADR Risk Assessment. Download here

ET Braking System has successfully undergone an Ergonomic Assessment. Download here

ET Braking Systems multi-collision braking system avoids secondary collisions after an initial impact.

The emergency Vehicle Driver Training for United States Fire Administration2 states that “the emergency vehicle driver must possess fine coordination in controlling his vehicle and reacting to traffic problems. He cannot drive faster than traffic permits, nor should he drive faster than his ability to stop in an emergency.

Excessive speed, reckless driving, failing to slow down or obey signals, disregarding traffic rules and regulations, and failing to heed warning signals are often factors in such emergency vehicle accidents. It is in this area that the ETBS has the potential to assist the emergency vehicle driver by speeding response times and reducing braking distances.

2. Klien Lj, Lane SC (1996) “Emergency Vehicle Driver Training”, Federal Emergency Management Agency FA110.